Clean Sweep of Chattanooga


Good for the Environment. Good for Business.

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Chattanooga, TN. We provide the area with industrial and commercial cleanup and roadway sweeping services. This includes comprehensive groundskeeping and landscaping for retail stores, strip malls, and rental properties. Our primary mission is to help you improve the environmental quality of our community and your brand image.

Discover the reasons why street sweeping is so important for reducing urban runoff.

The debris and materials left behind on asphalt roadways and paved parking lots – called runoff, consists of everything from trash and litter to diesel emissions and gasoline. When runoff washes off of roads, it flows into the surrounding landscape and ultimately into drinking water.

Eliminating runoff is critical for improving the overall health and wellness of the Chattanooga community. An economical solution is to invest in commercial street and parking lot sweeping for runoff removal.

Choosing Street Sweeping Services in Chattanooga, TN

Whether you work for a municipal, construction company, retail store, or distribution factory, we can help you improve the overall condition of your property with our roadway sweeping, parking lot sweeping and property maintenance services. Contact us at 423-877-9192 to get started.